Wear or display a blue ribbon, showing your commitment to health freedom and informed consent. This is a vital way all of us (whether vax'd and unvax'd) can unite around the common cause of freedom.

This is a "home production team" so please be patient, and do the math on your total carefully. In order to keep this manageable/cost-effective, a clothing ribbon needs to be ordered prior to a piece of baggage ribbon. Any proceeds over cost will fund our efforts towards health freedom.

Orders will be held until payment is received.

E-transfer to:


Product description: Approx 5 cm top to bottom. Small pin glued on the back to secure.
transparent ribbon.png
3 clothing ribbons:6$
10 clothing ribbons: 15$
Add a piece of wide ribbon
for your baggage for 2$


e-transfer: f2fribbons@pm.me

Order received, thanks for submitting!